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You can send your article in any subject which you think it's nifty.Then we can argue about that!

  • Your opportunity to submit the article is completed

If any question in submitting, please call: 021-64053482

  • Your opportunity to submit the article is completed

If any question in submitting, please call: 021-64053482

  • Send your manuscript in English.
  • You can send all of your interesting cases either they are published or not.

Manuscript Types

  1. Case Report: contain the classic report of an uncommon and interesting clinical case or of a novel or improved method of management that could be applicable in clinical practice.
  2. Medical errors: includes unpredicted complications despite appropriate approach to a patient based on existing evidences. It may consist of adverse drug reactions including after-marketing complications, unexpected complication of a procedure, learning points from an error and etc.  It is important to emphasize that these errors must not include a miss-management which compromise the medical ethics and patent’s rights.
  3. Teaching Case: covers an educational and well-documented report. Although it is not essential to be very uncommon, the case report part must be brief and attractive followed by well written review in detail about the care and management of similar patients according existing evidences.
  4. Clinical images/multimedia: high quality Clinical images or multimedia with valuable clinical or education points are subject to review in CRCP. The manuscript must include: Title page, Key Words, Case summery and References.

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